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Our C100 scholarship kids come from deprived backgrounds to say the least. We are supporting 50 children in primary school, and are committed to increase to 100 this year at a cost of just under £2000 per term.

Two of our scholarship children come from a family whose mother suffers mentally illness, and their main carer is their 70 year widowed grandmother. The live off the food their grandmother grows, but she is not able to produce enough to generate a menial income above what she and family need. Because she is a widow, the family is vulnerable, and every day she faces the risk of death, hunger, rape, and the elements.

Without C100 these girls would not be in school. By giving them an education, the burden on their grandmother is eased, and the family has hope for the future.

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One hundred children at $3,000 per term

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Fully funded by C100

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