Og Amazu & Family

Og Amazu

Og is CEO of the highly successful Amazoil Group, a company specialising in oil trading, international consultancy, strategic thinking, finance and investment advice. Amazoil generates a yearly 3.5bn dollars turnover for its clients and has raised nearly 2bn usd of funding for clients so far.

Og has a passion for the business, as well as a joy for life, a thirst for adventure and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. These attributes are the driving force behind the Challenge 100 project.



Og is bringing a spirit of adventure to Challenge 100. He is undertaking a series of personal challenges to raise awareness of Challenge 100 and to bring attention to the importance of the projects.

Og’s first challenge was learning to swim – a skill that meant he was able to become the first person in history to attempt to Jet-ski the entire coast of Nigeria.

He then went on a tough fitness regime, ready to take part in the Strive Challenge to cycle and hike across Europe.

Og has just completed a back-to-back skydive and scuba dive at the North Pole.


Og and his wife Joy are devoted to their two daughters, and have involved the girls in community work from a young age.

Og and Joy want the girls to grow up with a sense of responsibility for their actions and an understanding of their impact in the world. Challenge 100 is a fantastic opportunity to show them how simple actions can bring lasting change.


Og’s father was Sir Lawrence C Amazu, a man whose life was a lesson in ‘can do’ spirit. Sir Lawrence started work as a mechanic, and went on to build a hugely successful, diverse business that eventually gave birth to amazoil which Og bought in 2001.

He lived a fulfilled life, serving God and humanity, and Challenge 100 is a fitting tribute to his life and work.