#5 Skydive & Scuba Dive at the North Pole


To celebrate the global launch of C100, and to raise the profile of the projects they are funding, Og, Joy and their children, Aimee (6) and Moni (9), wanted to push themselves and do something incredible.

So they are travelling to the North Pole, where Og and Joy will attempt a back-to-back skydive and scuba dive. They will both skydive from 3,600m onto the Geographic North Pole, then Og will scuba dive 10m beneath the sea ice, making him the first person to skydive and scuba dive at the North Pole on the same day.

The Challenge

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Mini explorers

We are going on an epic adventure from the equator to the top of the world. We will stand on top of the world and watch our Mum and Dad skydive onto the North Pole, our Dad will then scuba dive under the ice. Our super cool expedition leader, Cristina is there to keep us all safe.

Moni & Aimee Amazu's North Pole Blog